WP1 - Risk Assessment


  • To develop set of universal railway safety key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • To develop monitoring system for obstacle (vehicle, human and big animal) detection on tracks
  • To develop a global risk assessment framework that takes into consideration the probability of hazard occurrence and infrastructure resilience based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative data obtained through different inspection/monitoring strategies, e.g. regular visual inspections, regular non-destructive testing.

Description of work

Using a combination of remote monitoring, case histories and expert judgement the key safety performance indicators associated with railway infrastructure will be identified. The focus will be on infrastructure including, switches, crossings, tracks, earthworks, tunnels and bridges. Using results from real time monitoring of a case study railway bridge, a probabilistic risk assessment framework will be developed which will incorporate a unified risk ranking hierarchy to provide infrastructure managers with the decision support required to help them optimally allocate limited resources in a manner which optimises safety. Consequently, rather than just focusing on risk, the framework will take into consideration the availability of resources to reduce risk, the ability to accept or tolerate risks (i.e. the consequences), the effectiveness or availability of interventions to reduce risk and the residual risks following an intervention.  The methodology will allow different interventions to be compared, taking into consideration their relative costs (both direct and indirect). The methodology will be tested on two specific case study railway systems (WP 4), where the safety improvements carried out will be measured in order to define and prioritize the required actions and changes.


The Work Package is organised into the following tasks:

  1. Identification of Global Safety KPIs (IF, IÉ, HŽ, ROD, GDG)
  2. Developement of Monitoring and Early-Warning Systems for Obstruction Detection, Landslides  and Infrastructure Objects  (NGI, UZ, HŽ, IÉ, ROD, GDG)
  3. Assessment and Ranking of Risks (ROD, GDG, IÉ, HŽ, IF, NGI, ORT)