The research activities are organised around three technical work packages each focussed around a core topic necessary for the complete description of the problem dynamic. One of these, WP1, focuses on development global Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM), which will use existing monitoring, and operational data and monitoring for detection of objects on tracks. The second work package, WP2, focuses on the smart planning and mobility of the railway operations, where existing micro-simulation models will be applied for planning and will be tested in cooperation with railway operators on punctuality prognosis. The main objective of WP 3 is to develop a Decision Support Tool (DST) which will help IMs to develop sustainable and economic maintenance and operational plans. DST will use the results from RAM and operational planning in order to develop sustainable and optimal management systems. DST will be tested on two case studies in WP 4, one on the long-distance network as part of TEN-T network (Mediterranean corridor), and the other on complex urban network. Project management and dissemination activities (WP 5) complete the work plan, as indicated in Figure below. The diagram also serves to show the interaction and interdependencies between WP’s.