GoSafe Rail Project Deliverables

Deliverable 1.1: Report on railway safety indicators

Deliverable 1.2: Pre-standardisation document for advanced risk assessment of railway infrastructure

Deliverable 1.3: Report on monitoring system for obstruction detection

Deliverable 1.4: Report on microseismic monitoring and early warning system

Deliverable 1.5: Report on monitoring data usage for infrastructure objects (e.g. slopes, bridges) risk assessment

Deliverable 1.6: Report: Risk assessment & risk ranking

Deliverable 2.1: Report on integration of algorithm into micro-planning simulation

Deliverable 2.2: Report on big data integration

Deliverable 2.3: Data management standard

Deliverable 3.1: Report on global safety framework

Deliverable 3.2: Report on validation and training of the model

Deliverable 3.3: Report on information management system

Deliverable 3.4: Modular open source repository

Deliverable 3.5: Report on decision support tool

Deliverable 3.6: Open research data pilot

Deliverable 4.1: Guideline document on railway safety indicators

Deliverable 4.2: Guideline document on global risk assessment

Deliverable 4.3: Guideline document on object detection

Deliverable 4.4: Report on the results of case study 1 - Croatia

Deliverable 4.5: Report on the results of case study 2 - Ireland

Deliverable 4.6: Guideline document on unified safety framework

Deliverable 5.1: Gender survey

Deliverable 5.3: Kick-off meeting report

Deliverable 5.5: Dissemination strategy plan

Deliverable 5.7: Website

Deliverable 5.8: Data management plan

Deliverable 5.9: Review of data management plan